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Soya candle - Sweet orange + Ginger and Clear quartz

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Soya candle - Sweet orange + Ginger and Clear quartz 


We handmade scented soya wax candle in glass jar.

All of our candles are hand poured and blended in small batches here in England.

All of our glass jars or mugs are recyclable or indeed have been recycled into candles for sale.

About The essential oil - we use only natural organic essential oils:


Sweet Orange Essential Oil -  Soothing and Uplifting Sweet Orange (Citrus Sinensis).

Ginger Essential Oil - Ginger has a warm, spicy, woody scent with a hint of lemon and pepper.



- balanc Yin & Yang Energy - connects - protection - clarity - focus - transformation - healing


​Power, protection, meditation, harmony, is universal, the most effective healing crystal in the world, strong energy amplifier (absorbs, releases and regulates energy, bringing it into harmony), stimulates psyche, independence, helps self-improvement, protects against all evil and negative, removes blocks and becomes a mirror of our soul, cleanses and protects the aura, ensures a restful sleep, acts on the crown chakra and cleans others, in meditation, it can filter out disturbances, can be used as a controller for other stones.


Soy wax Ecosoya is 100% vegen, made from pure soybean oil from high quality cultivated soybeans in USA with quality certificate. Contains no petroleum, paraffin or bee products. It contains no animal products, palm wax or any pesticides, herbicides or toxic materials. It is biodegradable and is not tested on animals. When burning, it does not eliminate any harmful substances.


Container Size: 250 ml

Wax: Soya Vegan Friendly

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