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Soya candle - Lime + bergamot and Jasper

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Soya candle - Lime + bergamot and Jasper


We handmade scented soya wax candle in glass jar.

All of our candles are hand poured and blended in small batches here in England.

All of our glass jars or mugs are recyclable or indeed have been recycled into candles for sale.

About The essential oil - we use only natural organic essential oils:


Lime Essential Oil -  Sharp and refreshing citrus aroma

Bergamot Essential Oil - A sweet, yet fresh citrus essential oil, Bergamot oil is light green in colour, with a fresh, clean citrus aroma. As well as its beautiful, delicate scent, it's known for balancing your emotions, in particular if you are feeling anxious.



- determination - strength - friendship - grounding - stabilising - 


Offers support and help in stress, brings peace, it unites all aspects of life,reminds people to help each other, absorbs negative energy,removes electromagnetic and other pollution from the environment, including radiation, adds the courage to penetrate strongly to the root of the problem,jasper helps with quick thinking, enhances organizational skills, it encourages the development of imagination and the transformation of ideas into action. 


Soy wax Ecosoya is 100% vegen, made from pure soybean oil from high quality cultivated soybeans in USA with quality certificate. Contains no petroleum, paraffin or bee products. It contains no animal products, palm wax or any pesticides, herbicides or toxic materials. It is biodegradable and is not tested on animals. When burning, it does not eliminate any harmful substances.


Container Size: 250 ml

Wax: Soya Vegan Friendly

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