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Set of crystals - FOR BETTER IMMUNITY

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Set of crystals - FOR BETTER IMMUNITY


Do you feel tired? Without energy? Need to encourage? Are you worried about colds? Is your body fighting with something? Or do you just want to prevent it all? So this crystal set is right for you. ❤️




An extremely powerful stone with enormous protective power, prevents the wearer from psychological attacks because it transforms their energy into love, blocks geopathogenic zones and negative energy, overcomes dependencies and blocks of all kinds, soothes and invigorates the mind, has a positive effect on decision-making, helps against insomnia caused by excessive activity of the mind and protects against recurring nightmares, Improves memory and motivation, also helps to remember and understand dreams. It removes fear, anger and worry, suppresses sadness and regret, is one of the most spiritual stones, opens the way for the development of intuition and promotes bodily abilities. 




Power, protection, meditation, harmony, is universal, the most effective healing crystal in the world, strong energy amplifier (absorbs, releases and regulates energy, bringing it into harmony), stimulates psyche, independence, helps self-improvement, protects against all evil and negative, removes blocks and becomes a mirror of our soul, cleanses and protects the aura, ensures a restful sleep, acts on the crown chakra and cleans others, in meditation, it can filter out disturbances, can be used as a controller for other stones.




Beneficial in reducing stress, anger and fear. It helps to understand oneself and others. It increases self-confidence and independence. Attracts love and joy. Contributes to business success.

It teaches patience and tolerance. Improves the coordination and perception of your body. It has a positive effect on sexual disorders and emotional fluctuations.




Has a very positive impact on everything related to prosperity and wealth, used to protect gardens or houses, effectively protects against geopathogenic zones, stimulates sensitivity and increases creativity, mitigates or eliminates the impact of negative situations, promotes perseverance and strengthens the skills required to make decisions and manage other people, helps in relieving anger and irritation. 


The total weight of the crystals is at least 150g.

Each set is a bit different, it is natural unworked crystals

Set of crystals is in linen bag.

We pack each crystal carefully on the way to you.

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