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Black rope bracelet with sea shells a beads from turquoise

SKU: 8617

Black rope bracelet with sea shells a beads from turquoise


- rope bracelet on hand or ankle 


- variable size -

- you can use it on hand or ankle because bracelet has sliding fastening

- you can choose a card 


- unisex bracelet



- truth - protection - earth wisdom - wholeness  - integrity


Zodiac: Leo, Libra, Capricorn, Pisces, Aquarius

Colour: bright shades of blue + green

Chakra: Throat, 3rd Eye



Disperses negative energy. It is a protective stone used since time immemorial for amulets. Resting on the third eye increases intuition and facilitates meditation. Turquoise is a cleansing stone. In mental work, it helps to maintain a calm mind with steady attention. It also facilitates creativity. In emotional life, it stabilizes otherwise varying moods and induces inner peace. Encourages romantic love. It greatly helps in states of exhaustion, depression and panic fear.


Therapeutic effects:

It improves the work of the physical and mental immune system. It regenerates tissues, supports nutrient absorption, helps against pollutants and viral infections. It reduces the acidity of the body and has a beneficial effect on the gout, rheumatism and stomach. This stone works anti-inflammatory and detoxifying. It suppresses cramps and pain.

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