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Bracelet - Onyx - white + black - 8mm

SKU: 3217


- Balanc Yin & Yang Energy -  Connects - protection - calm


Zodiac: Leo, Virgo, Capricorn

Colour: Black



neutralizes all conflicts, protects life and adds life force, helps in difficult situations and difficult periods of life, helps to keep cool, calm and positive attitude, adds vigor, perseverance and insight when confronted with negative forces, motivates to become master of their destiny and provides lessons from the past, increases self-confidence and self-control, promotes the art of forgiveness, positively affects contemporary life, illuminates it, shows the right direction, removes fear and fear of the unknown.


Therapeutic effects:


counteracts tooth decay, strengthens bones, heals blood disorders, strengthens and heals skin, hair and nails, sharpens eyes and ears, calms nervous system, heals wounds and scars after surgery, relieves heart pain, blood circulation in legs and hands, protects against fungal disease.

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